Covenant Sunday Stewardship Campaign Update

We are delighted to report that our 2017 stewardship campaign continues to generate faithful responses from our members and friends! This year so far, 116 people have made pledges to the 2018 general operating budget of the church to support our mission and ministry. Of that number, 42 are first time pledgers! And, 50 have increased their pledge from 2017. This means that we are 22% ahead of last year’s total pledges by over $100,000.00. All of these numbers indicate a significant, positive response to our efforts to raise the level of commitment and deepen our understanding that tithing is a response to the many gifts God has given us.

If you haven’t already made a pledge for 2018, it is not too late! Pledge cards can be found here, in the narthex or in the church office. Please prayerfully consider helping your church move to the next level in its financial health.

Also, help us finish strong for 2017 and give generously as we move toward the end of the year! Together, we can do it! Every offering, big or small, makes a huge difference.

With Gratitude,

The Stewardship and Finance Committees